MA Programme Structure (Courses)

Components of the MA Programme

In order to be awarded Master of Arts degree in European Studies student has to collect 120 credits during four semesters. Credits are split in a following manner 60 – core courses, 30 – elective courses, 30 – master’s thesis.

The following Courses are taught within the framework of MA Programme in European Studies:


1st Semester

Economics of EU Integration -5 ECTS
EU Law -5 ECTS
History of Europe -5 ECTS
Introduction to the Theory of Law -5 ECTS
EU Governance and Policy Making Process -5 ECTS

3rd Semester

European Law of Human Rights -5 ECTS
Justice, Freedom, Security Policy of the EU -5 ECTS  
Theories of EU Integration -5 ECTS
Statistics -5 ECTS
Public Policy Analisys -5 ECTS
International Investment Law -5 ECTS


2nd Semester

Public International Law -5 ECTS
Population and EU Development -5 ECTS
Europeanisation of Central and Eastern Europe -5 ECTS
European Cultural Mosaic -5 ECTS
European Politics -5 ECTS
EU Competition Law - 5 ECTS

4th Semester

Research Design -5 ECTS
EU-Georgia Cooperation -5 ECTS

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